Niyama NPS-7101 Personal Digital Scale




Niyama NPS-7101 Personal Digital Scale Price In Bangladesh
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About This Product
Digital Display: The scale features a clear and easy-to-read digital display that showcases weight measurements in various units (e.g., pounds, kilograms) for user preference and convenience.
High Precision Sensors: Equipped with high-quality sensors, the scale ensures accurate and consistent readings, allowing users to monitor even small weight changes effectively.
Sleek Design: Designed with aesthetics in mind, the scale might have a sleek and modern appearance, complementing home decor while remaining functional and space-efficient.
Step-On Activation: Some scales activate upon stepping onto the platform, providing instant readings without the need for manual calibration or tapping.
Multiple Users and Memory: Certain models allow multiple users to store and track their weight measurements, offering memory capabilities to recall previous readings.
Auto Shut-Off: To conserve battery life, the scale might have an auto shut-off feature that turns the device off after a period of inactivity.
Weight Capacity: The scale likely has a 180kg weight capacity, ensuring accurate measurements within its designated range.
Durability and Stability: Constructed with durable materials, the scale provides stability and reliability, accommodating various body weights while maintaining accuracy.


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